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  • Thursday, April 7, 2011

    Sothink DHTML Menu 9.70 Build 943

    Sothink DHTML Menu 9.70 Build 943

    Design and build professional drop down menu and JavaScript menu.

    DHTML Menu is a simple but powerful menu maker. This DHTML menu builder can make search engine friendly drop down menus in seconds, no JavaScript experience required. It can cross browsers, compatible with the latest IE 8, Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari, etc. This DHTML Menu builder seamlessly integrates with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression Web and Golive as add-ins to edit DHTML menu within the existing website. It can create dynamic database-driven menus with server-side code, like ASP, PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion.

    This DHTML Menu maker can easily create functional menu, such as tab menus, highlight menus, scrolling menus, cross-frame menus, multi-level/multi-column menus, custom menus, floating menus, right-to-left menus, keyboard navigation menus, etc. Tab menu is a standard compliant, two level tab menus; keyboard navigation menu enables to control the DHTML menu by the keyboard. It fully customizes the menu's properties, including font, icon, background, border, cursor, arrow, tip text, surround, effects, alignment, transparency, etc. The menu maker supports HTML code, non-English languages and right-to-left languages. The JavaScript menu is visible over Flash, selected boxes, iframes, and even PDF files. The same menu can be applied to one or more pages, and one or more menus can co-exist on one page. Google XML Sitemap and Site Navigation Structure generator can auto-generate the DHTML menu according to website structure. Search Engine Friendly Code Generator makes building search engine friendly drop down menus become so easy. 

    Sothink DHTML Menu provides intuitive user interface. Edit mode makes menu modification preview in the real time. It offers rich built-in templates, styles and image library, the users can easily create drop down menu. Exclusive publish wizard guides publishing the drop down menu to website step by step. Tree-like menu can be switched to drop-down menu. All features make creating JavaScript and DHTML menu easy and fast.

    Perfect Compatibility
    * Full cross-browser compatibility: supports the latest version of IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
    * This JavaScript menu builder can seamlessly integrates with Dreamweaver, Front Page, Expression Web and Adobe GoLive as add-ins.
    * Supports making database driven JavaScript menu with ASP, PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion and more.

    Diverse Functional Menu
    * Easily creates functional JavaScript menu, such as tab menu, highlight menu, scrolling menu, cross-frame menu, multi-level/multi-column menu, custom menu, floating menu, right-to-left menu, keyboard navigation menu, etc.
    * This JavaScript menu builder is able to hide certain menu separators or items as needed.
    * Position JavaScript menu anywhere fixedly or relatively on webpage

    Flexible Customization
    * Customizes web menu properties, like font, icon, background, border, cursor, tool tip, surround, effects, alignment, transparency, size, etc.
    * Selects and edits images as icon, arrow, background and separator from Image Library and Background Library.
    * Easily adjusts the color, tint & brightness to edit the image or choose corners and edges separately for surround.

    High Usability
    * This JavaScript menu builder offers rich templates, styles and image library.
    * Publish wizard guides you to publish the drop down menu, JavaScript menu to website step by step.
    * Any HTML code can be used within the JavaScript menu item.
    * Supports W3C Valid XHTML 1.0.

    Changelog for this release:

    Functions Enhanced:
    # Upgrade Dreamweaver extension to 3.3.3, FrontPage add-in to 3.4 and Expression Web add-in to 1.9.

    Fixed Bugs:
    # Fixed some bugs.

      OS Supported :
       Windows Vista
    32M memory, Internet Explorer 4.01 or later